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Hello, and welcome to A Recorded Companion™.


We have created a simulated software experience to comfort you with the dreams and memories of a world less lonely. During this experience, various sounds will be produced as the software interplays with your subconscious.


You as the product owner can control the intensity of these effects by altering the volume of the experience on the device you are using and you may also choose to access the sensory friendly version of our product as an alternative listening experience. 


For ideal usage of A Recorded Companion™ we suggest that you use headphones when engaging with our product. We also advise that you are in an area with low visual stimulation levels such as a dimly lit room and are settled in a comfortable position.

We hope you enjoy A Recorded Companion™.

ARecordedCompanion_imagebyCeleste Staaf.


To access the interactive transcript

For a plain text version of the transcript


Proudly presented as part of the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival

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